Panoplia offers a suite of advanced APIs for businesses seeking comprehensive protection against identity fraud, brand misuse and phishing. From small startups to large corporations, our AI and blockchain-based solutions deliver the security you need to thrive in a digital world.
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Panoplia Digital Score API is a fast and easy way for businesses to check the trustworthiness of a domain and integrate it within their Know Your Customer (KYC) risk assessment flow.

The website's address/ URL is all you will need. With this single input, Kavach will run our AI and do all the work to get you the Digital Score that you can use to make decisions.

Our AI algorithm analyses any online (sub)domain for both positive and negative factors to determine its trustworthiness.

In addition, Kavach will be able to warn you if a Digital Score drops or increases, helping you to manage and monitor your risk after having approved the website.

Our Kavach Digital Score API can help several kinds of companies:

  • Advertising & Social Media Platforms: If you are a social media platform, affiliate network, or display advertising system, our Digital Score API can help you identify possible fraudulent advertisers quickly.

  • Financial Services Providers: Kavach API can been integrated by Know Your Business (KYB) service providers as well as PSPs as an additional data point in the verification process.

  • Internet Service Providers: Independent of if you offer payment solutions, email marketing services, or other online services, by helping a fraudulent website, you are in trouble with customers performing chargebacks, demanding refunds, or suing for damages.

Kavach Digital Security gives you control over how you want to evaluate a website depending on which factors are most important for you.

More on this coming soon!